Shine is proud to support local suppliers. All our food is prepared in house, from scratch, with love.


Shine is proud to support local suppliers.
All our food is prepared in house, from scratch, with love.


Hash browns, toast, grilled or fresh tomato, Scottish potato scone, cornbread, garden salad, French fries, soup, 2oz. hollandaise, fresh fruit (+$2.25), gluten-free English muffin (+$2.25)


Honey Ginger, Sweet Thai Sesame, Balsamic, Mango Lime, Creamy Ranch


Vegan egg + $2  Ask your server for suggestions

Shine Breakfast – Served with 2 sides

2 eggs, 2 pieces bacon OR ham/sausage/avocado/vegan gf black bean-walnut patty  /  $16

Full Breakfast – Served with 2 sides

3 eggs, 2 pieces each: bacon, ham, sausage & grilled tomato  /  $19.50

Burrito Del Sol – Served with 1 side

Scrambled eggs, caramelized onion, bell peppers, tomato, black bean-corn salsa, avocado and cheddar wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. Served with salsa & sour cream  /  $16
*Con carne (add mild homemade chorizo)  +$2
*Vegan (sub eggs/cheese for a black bean- walnut patty)

Harvest Hash – Served with 1 side

Pesto scrambled eggs, roasted butternut squash, sautéed red onion & braised kale, topped with goat cheese. Served over hash browns  /  $17.50

Breakfast Hash – Served with 1 side

Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, bell peppers, caramelized onions & mushrooms, topped with melted cheddar. Served over hash browns  /  $17.50

Chorizo Hash – Served with 1 side

Scrambled eggs, house made chorizo, black bean-corn salsa, bell peppers & tomatoes, topped with melted cheddar. Served over hash browns  /  $17.50

Robin’s Hash – Served with 1 side

Scrambled eggs, sausage OR mushrooms, spinach, tomato & caramelized onions topped with feta. Served over hash browns  /  $17.50

Karin’s Vegan Brunch

Choose any 4: Hashbrowns / grilled tomato / GF black bean -walnut patty / toast / avocado / sautéed spinach, mushrooms & roasted garlic / sweet chili-sesame tofu / pecan cranberry granola $16
Vegan Egg  +$2

Breakfast Sandwich – Served with 1 side

1 fried egg, bacon (or ham/sausage/avocado), cheddar, tomato & mayo on a toasted English muffin  /  $15

Yogurt Parfait

Home made pecan cranberry granola, yogurt and berry compote  /  $13.50

Berry Lemon French Toast

2 slices of lemony French toast topped with berry compote and whipped cream  /  $15.50
No toppings?  $14

Famous Pancakes

Classic comfort served with real butter & pure maple syrup.
Choose up to 2 add-ins: blueberry, raspberry, banana, toasted pecan, chocolate chip
2 pieces: $15.50 / 3 pieces: $17.50

Peachy Keen Pancakes

2 famous pancakes topped with cardamom poached peaches and whipped cream  / $16.50


2 pancakes or French toast, 2 pieces of bacon OR ham/ sausage/avocado/vegan gf black bean-walnut patty & 2 eggs any style  /  $18.50


Served with 2 sides
Vegan egg + $2  Ask your server for suggestions


Bacon, mushrooms, tomato, avocado & feta  /  $18.50


Smoked salmon, spinach, red onion, avocado & goat cheese  /  $18.50


Spinach, mushroom, basil pesto, avocado & havarti  /  $17.25


House made chorizo, roasted butternut squash, crispy jalapeños, black bean-corn salsa & cheddar  /  $17.25

Make Your Own Omelette

Starts empty, you fill it up!  /  $10

Tomato, mushroom, spinach, red onion, caramelized onion, bell peppers, roasted butternut squash, braised kale, roasted garlic, basil pesto, salsa, black bean-corn salsa  /  $1.25

Bacon, sausage, ham, chorizo, smoked salmon, chicken, avocado, goat cheese, havarti, cheddar, feta, crispy jalapeños  /  $2


Served with 1 side.
Half order: – $3.  Triple Benny: + $5.  GF English muffin: + $2.25

Garden City

Spinach, caramelized onion, tomato, bell peppers,
avocado, feta & basil pesto hollandaise  /  $17.50

Rancho Grande

Crispy jalapeños, bacon, havarti, black bean-corn salsa, diced tomato & ranch hollandaise  /  $17.50


Bacon, mushrooms, bell peppers, havarti & regular hollandaise  /  $17.50


Home-made perogies topped with bacon and caramelized onions & roasted garlic hollandaise. Served with sour cream  /  $17.50


Smoked ham & regular hollandaise  /  $17


Bacon, grilled tomato, avocado & regular hollandaise  /  $17.50


Roasted butternut squash, grilled red onion, spinach, fresh apple & pesto hollandaise. Served on a potato scone and topped
with toasted pecans  /  $17.50

Southern Belle

Bacon, cardamom poached peaches, braised kale, goat cheese & regular hollandaise served on toasted French bread  /  $17.50


Smoked salmon, red onion, avocado & regular hollandaise  /  $18.50


Chorizo, crispy jalapeños, cheddar & roasted garlic chipotle hollandaise served on French fries  /  $17.50

San Diego

Avocado, grilled tomato, black bean corn salsa & chipotle hollandaise on cornbread  /  $17.50


Curried Coconut Carrot Soup – Vegan & GF

Served with toast or cornbread  /  $9
GF English muffin  +$2.25

Garden Salad

Fresh greens, grated carrots, cucumber, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries  /  $13
Add sesame-sauteed tofu  +$4

Santa Fe Salad

Fresh greens, corn tortilla strips, crispy jalapeños, black bean-corn salsa, tomato, cheddar, avocado and your choice of roasted chicken or house chorizo  /  $17

Cascadian Cobb Salad

Fresh greens, roasted chicken, tomato, avocado, bacon and goat cheese  /  $17

Soup & Salad Combo

Includes a cup of soup, cornbread or toast, and a small salad (choose from salads listed above)  /  $17

Classic Club – Served with 1 side

House roasted chicken, bacon, cheddar, tomato, fresh greens and mayo on your choice of bread  /  $17

Egg Salad Sandwich – Served with 1 side

Chopped hard boiled egg, diced celery, red onion & house ranch, topped with fresh greens & sliced tomato, served on your choice of bread or wrap  /  $16

Both locations are open daily for dine in and take out (subject to availability). Please call us!


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